Magic Words: Word connect

Magic Words is an exciting word game where you need to make words out of letters.
Thanks to this game you will train your mind, increase your vocabulary, improve spelling skills and concentration.
You can play Words from a Word absolutely for free and without the Internet, which makes the game an excellent companion for a useful time on the road.
Make as many words as possible from the given letters! These puzzles with elements word connect will test your vocabulary. How many words can you guess?

* The goal of the game is to find all the hidden words. Additional coins are awarded for bonus words.
* Words can be collected by a line in any direction. Just connect the letters!
* If you have found the correct word, it will appear on the board with the answers.

Puzzle words game is:
+ A great brain simulator.
+ Development of the mind and vocabulary.
+ Offline game, you can play for free without internet.
+ Find words and solve the puzzle.
+ Rating and achievement system.
+ Visually pleasing simple graphics.
+ The ability to view the meanings of words.
+ Solve verbal puzzles from Russian and English dictionaries (dictionaries of other languages will be added soon).